Is there
a ‘there’

Our program is designed to help you better understand the problem you are solving and test your value with real stakeholders so that you can propel your venture forward with confidence.

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We know how hard it is to be a start-up


of all start-ups fail


fail within one year
misreading the market


fail during years 2 to 5
due to lack of preparation

Start-ups that complete formal programs shift the odds and go further, faster

We’re here for you

Who is it for?

Start-ups that qualify for the InterPhase program
  • Are just getting going (most likely pre-seed)

  • Fit within our Priority Network and Industry Verticals
    Commerce and Logistics Tech +
    Justice Tech +
    Rural Tech +
    e-Aero +
    Biomimicry +
    WESEE: Value Beyond Profit +
  • Can dedicate time

    1h/week for virtual cohort meetings + at least 8h/week on furthering your venture

How does it work?

Our program is a rigorous six-month, cohort-based
curriculum helping early-stage ventures.
During your time with us, you will:
  • Create a foundation of purpose and innovation

  • Identify needs and compelling challenges

  • Learn from a LOT of stakeholders

  • Identify and test the most critical assumptions

  • Gather critical data and make vital decisions

  • Prepare for your initial round of funding

Additional benefits

  • Free working space at Beyond Cowork in downtown Ontario

  • Relationships with local government
  • Access to technology
  • Integrated innovation and purpose-driven foundations for long-term success

Where are you located?

We are a global provider based in Southern California and deliver our programs through a range of physical and virtual experiences.

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What makes InterPhase the right opportunity for you?

  • Always have slots reserved with no fee and non-dilutive (we do not take any money or equity)

  • Community driven and industry focused

  • Network of experts and mentors

Industry Spotlight:

Ontario, California

Ontario is located 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles and is a vital commerce and logistics hub that connects America’s busiest shipping ports with the western half of the United States. The City is expected to double its population and the region is slated to become a top-ten metro area over the coming decades.

  • Ontario airport recently surpassed Atlanta to be the busiest outbound freight hub in the nation

  • There is a large presence from UPS, FedEX, Amazon, DHL and others.

  • Ontario has 110 Million Sq ft of Industrial Space used for warehousing, distribution, and transportation

  • QVC West Coast Distribution Center, Toyota Motor Corporation’s North American Parts and Logistics Distribution (NAPLD) center, Cardinal Health Distribution, Sam’s Club Distribution, Disney Distribution and Target Distribution, and Nike are just a few of the companies that operate in Ontario

  • Our public-private partnership with the City of Ontario was created to provide alternative pathways for economic growth in Commerce and Logistics Tech while building innovation and entrepreneurial capability in the community.

The Southern California region has the critical ingredients to be the next great tech hub

Largest concentration of research universities
Technology PhDs
Engineer Grads
2nd largest higher Education Student Population
World-class IP
(patents issued in 2017)
Nobel Prize winners
Tech-based employment

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with an incubator increases your chances of having a successful business. You receive coaching and mentoring while working through a robust cirriculum to help you develop and grow your business. Additionally, working with a cohort of other founders help provide support and motivation.

There is no cost and the accelerator does not require any equity stake. We exist to make the power of innovation and entrepreneurship more accessible to EVERYONE striving to create meaningful value. Our premium programs are designed with decades of experience so you can build a strong foundation.

You will join a cohort that will meet once a week to go through curriculum and discuss progress. You will also meet with your
mentor or coach once a week. In between you will work on advancing and validating you idea by meeting with potential customers and industry personnel. The program will take six-nine months depending on your commitment and progress.

Our Priority Network and Industry Verticals are selected based on the needs of the communities we support. Having a focus allows us to create stronger industry contacts and to collect better resources for our profile companies.

We do not directly invest at this time. Our programs are designed to fill a critical need in which traditional pathways for early-stage capital are demanding greater proof prior to investing; we are helping supercharge your journey and preparing to successfully grow.

We are always looking for the right partners that want to genuinely enhance the innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities for their communities. One of our early public-private partnerships with the City of Ontario in Southern California was designed to unlock non-traditional paths for economic growth. The largest industry in the region is commerce and logistics and a prime example of supporting the most relevant verticals for the communities we support.

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